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TVHF LLC Wholesale

Thanks for visiting. This site is for business to business sales only. With the recent USDA interim final rule on hemp and stricter Oregon Laws upping the cost of tests, we are no longer providing direct to consumer goods. Sales of hemp flower are for research and informational purposes or to be processed into products that are certified and marketed appropriately in the territories they are distributed. TVHF LLC assumes no liability for use of this product or it's resale to consumers. Our products are available to licensed hemp handlers, growers, processors/extractors and wholesalers or select businesses. Our raw material is shipped with a Pre-Harvest test as required. Potency tests provided are for informational purposes only and are not to be used for compliance in any future sales.

Sales for 2019 are now open!

Contract/sign up required before purchase. Learn more below!



We grew 9 strains of high CBD hemp this year and are happy to share our bucked flower and high quality biomass with you at wholesale prices!


Product Options 

We currently have biomass and untrimmed or bucked flowers for sale! 


Contract Options

We require an online sales contract before purchase of any hemp flower or biomass. Once approved you can order over the phone or online at our "Members" section.