TVHF LLC Wholesale

Thanks for visiting. We are almost out of stock on our 2018 Harvest, but we are taking contracts for online purchase accounts and the 2019 Harvest here!

2019 Harvest Wholesale Info



We are growing over 60 acres of hemp this year on 3 different plots. We are excited to be offering 10 different strains of high quality, high CBD hemp flower.


Product Options 

We use a method of harvest that allows max yields with two passes. The first harvest we call "topping" to harvest the nicest looking flower for the smokable flower market. The second harvest of the bottom half of the plant still looks great and has excellent CBD content but is generally sold in the biomass market. We will sell any part of the plant as long as it meets Federal and Local regulations. 


Contract Options

We offer a variety of options to suit growing businesses in the industry from small to large. The lowest prices are offered for long term contracts with a deposit paid on the total contract value.