2019 Strains

We are offering 10 unique strains from a variety of genetics labs for the 2019 season. More information about each strain is coming soon!

Strain Offerings

Sour Space Candy

Oregon CBD

A highly coveted strain from Oregon CBD. This strain was requested by several contract customers and a happy accident caused us to miss out on Special Sauce, but pick up Sour Space Candy instead.

Hempress I


This cross of Purple Erkle, OG and CBDInc's Proprietary male makes for an excellent CBD content and visually beautiful flower.

Suver Haze

Oregon CBD

A favorite from our 2018 harvest is back for 2019! This well reviewed flower is a consistent high CBD yield with a sweet flavor profile and tight, dense flowers. 

Hempress II


This cross of Oregon Cherry and Abacus mail from CBDInc brings a chunky flower with a sweet aroma and taste. 

Cherry Wine

Choice CBD

Cherry Wine is a popular smokable hemp flower standard that has a sweet berry taste as the name would suggest.

Hurricane Hemp, Florence

Arrow Head Seed Company

This cross of Baox and Otto II was named thanks to its hardy structure that allowed it to actually survive outdoor during Hurricane Florence. We understand that the name may still cause issues regionally, so we are looking into different marketing names for this strain.

Cherry Struck

Choice CBD

Cherry Struck is a cross of Cherry Wine and AC/DC. This flower will have a high CBD content and a mildly sweet flavor profile. 


Arrow Head Hemp Company

The box wine is a winning combo of two very popular strains - Cherrywine and Baox. 


Oregon CBD

Lifter will not be in short supply this year as we realized it's popularity last year. This very sticky, high oil producer is great for creating distillates and extracts but is also a great smokable hemp flower.

Hawaiian Haze

Oregon CBD

The Hawaiian Haze we did last year came in a bit below average on CBD content due to our harvest time and growing conditions. This year we expect this plant to give us one of the highest CBD yields after what we learned in the 2018 season.