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Our retail sites Treasure Valley CBD and Ali B-Buds were built to generate early revenue and act as a live digital press kit for potential wholesale customers. These retail sites are what put us on the map and continue to drive revenue and more importantly customer reviews for the products we offer. Take a look at what our customers say about our products before you decide if you want to work with us by checking out each shop or visiting our reviews page.

Treasure Valley CBD


Treasure Valley CBD is the original store-front, selling High Quality Hemp and CBD products directly to the public. Hemp Flower comes in package sizes from one gram up to one ounce. All Other CBD products are available for individual sale.

Ali B-Buds


Ali B-Buds sells Hemp Flower sourced from the same plants as Treasure Valley CBD and sometimes from other growers. This site offers discounts due to the cosmetic appearance or size and limited package size options. Ali B-buds sells half ounces, ounces and QP's at discounted rates depending on availability.

TVHF LLC Wholesale                                        


We find it appropriate to do our B2B transactions using our actual Business Entity name, TVHF LLC. Purchases on this site are available to businesses and select individuals after signing up for a custom agreement or online purchase account. This site offers Hemp Flower in amounts from 1/2lb - 10,000lbs or more.